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LiFu 15 iHP
This is a photo of a 15 iHP LiFu Compound Engine cylinder base plate with HP cylinder in place. The base plate has just been CNC profiled as can be seen by the 'cut marks' - quite a tricky G-code programming exercise due to the irregular shaped island between the cylinder bore bosses.
Mallinson 12 iHP
This photo shows a Mallinson Twin High Pressure 12 iHP cylinder block having its steam spaces machined following on from facing of the cylinder block bottom face and boring of the two cylinder bores; all completed in one machine setup.
Bloodhound Supersonic Car
Whilst not exactly steam engine parts this photo shows some high precision components manufactured for the 1000mph Bloodhound SSC which is being build near Bristol. Manor Farm Engineering, our parent company, is a Product Sponsor of the Bloodhound Project. See here for more info: http://www.manorfarmengineering.co.uk/bloodhound.htm
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